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Help International partner with Together in the UK and South Africa who are recently purchasing a new property in Gordons Bay, Cape Town. This property


offers endless possibilities to uplift communities through training and


business development.




We hope to develop business and horticultural training with the potential of growing olives, pomegranates and producing a market garden for students and people within the community. The aim being to empower and equip the local community and students. 




Alongside this we want to establish a Bible college to train future leaders from many nations. Additional funding and investment into the property is required to upgrade the buildings and grounds for all of the future developments to take place. 




There are a variety of ways in which you can give to this project. From assisting in the renovation of the building, purchasing furniture, sponsoring students for the bible college, sponsoring community members for business development and giving to the horticultural training. 





Firlansds Estate, Help International
South Africa Community Development. Help International

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