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Zimbabwe was once one of the wealthiest countries in Africa;. But today its people face constant need. Many children don't go to school because their parents can’t afford the fees. Those who do, often fall asleep being weakened through malnutrition. Through your sponsorship Help International work to help families around Gweru who are in need by providing a safe, caring place for students to learn.

Zimbabwe children, Help International

Over the years Help International have supported a new strategy for tackling farming within Gweru, Zimbabwe. This strategy looks at the way in which farming is used to empower local people to produce bulk harvest. The ongoing process has allowed farms to thrive and villages to be supported within Gweru. 


The continual help and support from Help International has enabled the working farm to sustain its harvest crop year on year, feeding many around.


With the demands of the ever-changing weather forecasts due to climate change the farm has now introduced a new drip irrigation system. This system irrigates two hectares out of three; it is very effective and uses less water.

Gweru Farm, Help International
Drip Irrigation Help International
Gweru Farm, Zim. Help International
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