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Through your support Help International have been involved in changing many lives across the world. 

The Following list is in date order of investment and works carried out by Help International:



- Four containers of food, medicine and clothes sent to local people in need who are living in Lusaka.

-  A seven tonne truck was also given to be used in transporting containers, building, materials and people.


Poland / Romania

– Thousand of pounds worth of second-hand X-Ray equipment given to local Hospitals.



- Sachibondu Clinic is built in the rural areas within Zambia.  Providing Health care to local people who otherwise would not be able to access it. Help International gave the clinic a Land Rover to use as an ambulance/mobile clinic. 



– Containers of food, clothing and medical supplies given to local people in need. 


Zaire (Congo)

– For many years Help International supported a Literacy worker with a motor bike. This worker helped to educate and skill people in literacy.

- 30 Bikes were given to the local church to provide transport for local people in need. 

- Toyota Land Cruiser was given to church leaders. This provided transport for leaders to visit and care for the local people. 

- Provided finance to re-build a hospital which now provides medical help to a the whole region. The help given to 10,000’s of people through the provision of medical care is ongoing. 



– Renovated a children’s school for the blind, this provided a school for the children to function from.


Zambia, Sachibondu Clinic

– provided 10,000 syringes, regular medical supplies as needed.



– Sent a Citroen 2 CV6 along with large quantities of used clothes and foodstuff for the local people in need. 


Zambia, Sachibondu Clinic

– Provided a grant to extend the clinic with a new maternity ward, delivery room, laboratory, extra showers and toilet facilities. These have all been constructed and are now all in use. 


Namibia, Oshikadi

- Establish an emergency feeding station for abandoned and malnourished children.



– Trucks with goods sent to deliver relief aid to distribution centres.


Sri Lanka, Ratmalana

– Land purchased to build a community centre for youth activity, education and training, and care for needy children.



– Four containers were sent carrying basic foodstuff, medicines and clothes.


South Africa, Bizweni Farm, Somerset West

- 20 acres of land purchased in association with Hottentots Holland Covenant Community. The land has been developed into a non-racial training Centre. The programmes ranged from adult literacy, sewing, manual crafts and office skills.



- Supported the Barnabus Fund set up in Asia to provide education and training skills for the poor.


Zambia, Livingstone

– Container of clothes, shoes, toys and medical supplies sent to the local people in need.



- Instigated a report into child trafficking.



- Working with ACET (Aids Care Education/Training) and the Romanian government to build a Residential Centre for children with HIV Aids.


Namibia, Mozambique & Zambia

– Sending of regular containers of medicines/clothing to help the local people in need. 



- Constructed a Trade School and Teaching Centre.


Zimbabwe, Harare

- Negotiated to buy a house there to be used as a Community Centre, storage facility and aid distribution centre to serve to families in the community.   


Romania, Constanza

–  'Help The Children of the Revolution Appeal' raised through the collection of petrol tokens funds to purchase a house to be used as a Residential Home to look after children who were HIV positive. Two 7.5 tonnes lorries took supplies to the Home.


The Hope Fund (child sponsorship) was established to help Indian and Sri Lankan children out of the poverty through individual sponsorship of monthly support.


Zambia, Livingstone

– Land purchased in Livingstone and The Rainbow Pre School was built. All furnishings, play and educational equipment were supplied by Help International. This school helps local children to recieve an excellent education. Many of the children that attended the school were sponsored to enable the child to recieve an education and funding for the running of the school.


Armenia, Nagorno, Karabakh

- A grant was given for £73,000 for relief, by the Overseas Development Administration (ODA). £70,000 was for medical supplies, the remainder went on high protein foodstuffs.                            

 - A grant of nearly £31,000 was given by the ODA to air freight the supplies.

 - Overall £250,000 worth of food, medicines and medical equipment was flown into the Region



– Four vehicles plus spares were provided for local leaders to visit & care for people in need.



– Provided relief for Rwandan refugees wanting to get to Burundi. Help International drove 40 hired lorries with refugees and all their belongings from Bukavu to UN camps.  A further 21 lorries followed with supplies of tents, blankets, wood and plastic sheeting.



– Operation War-Child Appeal raised, in conjunction with the Daily Post Liverpool, over £500,000. £100,000 was taken to Mostar.



– Oversaw the development of a brick-making and house building Enterprise. 


India, Agoria Village

– Covenant Ashram school – Raised funds to complete the first phase of the school building.


Hope & Barnabas Funds

– Provided finance, food, clothing and Education in parts of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

High protein foodstuffs sent to people in need. 


India, Jaipur

– Sponsored eight students at Covenant Bible School.


Eastern Europe

– Established firm foundations in churches in Poland and Slovakia.

- Sponsored students studying the Modular Training Course. Helped with translation of the Course into Czech, Slovak and Polish.


Zimbabwe, Gweru

– Seven acre plot acquired in Gweru for poultry farm.

- Further plot purchased to build house and farm;

- ’Two lorries were purchased for farm project

- Bicycles provided for village leaders to visit and care for the local people.


India, Gujarat

– Relief given after the hardship in the Gujarat earthquake.



- Financed two wells


Zambia, Lusaka

– Land purchased for Bible School, clinic and school.


Costa Rica

- A Gift was given to support the children's home here. 


Zimbabwe, Gweru

– Financial assistance given to purchase a pump for water irrigation for farm in Gweru..



– Started Micro Finance Project by providing two loans to local people to start a scrap metal busisness.                      .


India, Agra

– Funded a new House to be built in Sharonsthan Childrens Home..


Zambia, Sachibondu Clinic

– Helped build extension to Sachibondu Clinic to provide a new laboratory and counselling room.


Zimbabwe, Gweru

- Four wheel drive vehicle provided for farm project.


India, Imphal

– Provided water tanks for Bible School and sound equipment for small business to finance Bible School.



- Micro - Finance Project -Loans given to local people to start local buisnesses. 


India, Agra 

– Sharonsthan Childrens Home is growing and so Help International helped to fund a new House to house all of the children in need. 


Philippines, Bisleg

– Provided finance for windows and furniture to be bought for the Orphanage in Bisleg.


Zimbabwe, Gweru

– Emergency relief given for crisis in country.


India, Agra

– Another new house built for Sharonsthan Children’s home. 


Zimbabwe, Gweru

–Micro Finance  given for small clothing business.


Zambia, Sachibondu Clinic

- Ongoing support to cover the drugs bill in Sachibondu Clinic.



- Sponsored irrigation to farms in Gweru. 

- Purchased generators & pumps to enable seed growing to many local people in the area. These farms provide food to the local villages and people around. 

South Africa, Firlands Campus, Gordons Bay

- Purchased 14.5 Acre site for development of a Bible Leadership Training Centre. The Local Church community meet on this site regularly and are an expression of Christ to the local community. 



Thank you for your ongoing support,through your giving Help International are able to support many men and women working in aid; health care, community projects, education and people caring and ministering for the local people. 


Without your giving this would not be possible - Thankyou!

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