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Through your giving Help International sponsors children in 4 countries:

Sponsor a child Help International
Sponsor a child Help International

Across the world there are 2.2 billion children living in abject poverty. Nearly half of these children have to work very long hours so they and their families can have just enough food to survive.


In 2014 the UN stated that 57 million children across the world are faced with the reality of not having a school to attend. The report highlights a number of reasons for this, including a lack of money, lack of teachers and ongoing conflicts, which are affecting children’s education.


Poverty however is not just a lack of necessities, but it is a lack of hope. Where children across the world can live in child labour, have no family or they often think of themselves as worthless and powerless. 


Through Help International we aim to provide a care for children that gives them a hope for a better future.



Help International fully believes that the investment in a child’s future through their education is paramount to ensure long lasting sustainable development in any given country. We are devoted to working alongside educational facilities to enable a child to overcome poverty and hopelessness.


Your sponsorship enables children to receive access to a good state education. Through our partners children are offered a good safe place to play and learn.






To find a break down of where your sponsorship money goes click the link below: 

To begin sponsoring a child today send us an email and we will set you up.  

          Click the link below to email us:                                   

Sponsor a child, Help International



In 2015 Unesco reported that India had

the largest population of illiterate

adults in the world. This has been

found not because children didn't

goto school but mainly found from 

a lack of good education. Through partnering

with Sharansthans Children’s Home, Help International

work to not only reduce the illiteracy rate but also provide

children with a good solid education preparing

them for a brighter future.










Zimbabwe was once one of the wealthiest countries in Africa;. But today its people face constant need. Many children don't go to school because their parents can’t afford the fees. Those who do, often fall asleep because of their weakened malnutrition.

Through your sponsorship Help International work to help families around Gweru who are in need by providing a safe, caring place for students to learn.




In Uganda the availability of free primary education has seen the enrolment at the primary level reach as much as 93% However due to the severe lack of affordable places in secondary schools there is no way children’s families can afford for them to further their education through to secondary level. Help International help to sponsor children through their secondary education in Wellspring Secondary School.



High payments for fees at the government run school means that those of the poorest families cannot afford to send their children to school. Many of these children will be found working long hours in hard labour jobs to try and help support their families back at home. Help International help a few families within Cagayon De Oro City, Mindanao by releasing the burden of finding the fees needed for their children’s schooling.

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