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Help International partner with Rays of Joy by supporting Sharonsthan Children’s Home in Agra. The children’s home is for children who have lost their parents and are from very poor families, without Sharonsthan these children would not have a family to be a part of, or a shelter to live in. Before going to Sharonsthan these children would be found working in tea shops washing glasses to pay for food to survive. This work however did not ever provide enough to gain the basic necessities. 



Sharansthan Childrens Home was set up to provide love, care and a stable environment for these children. Help International believes children are the future, in helping to support Sharansthan Children’s home, help to give these orphaned children a hope and a future.

Sharonsthan Help International

'It moves us time and time again when we see how children that come to our homes begin to show change through the love and care that is shown, even within a short period of time’


Rays of Joy, Sharonsthan Agra, India

Children in Agra HI
Pink House Sharonsthan Help International
Agra Help International

In 2015 Unesco reported that India had the

largest population of illiterate adults in the world.

This has been found not because children didn't go

to school but mainly found from a lack of good

education. Through partnering with Sharansthans

Children’s Home, Help International work to not

only reduce the illiteracy rate but also provide

children with a good solid education preparing

them for a brighter future.

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