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During the month of Feb; A month before the COV19 was reported in the UK I was struck by an Orchard blooming on the kitchen windowsill.  Storm Jorge had just been announced and was creating 60 MPH winds which brought with it flooding and mass devastation to many parts of the UK. As I looked out of the window, the winds were picking up and the storm was brewing but in the midst of this I saw many new buds on the trees and plants in the garden.  It was as if in the eye of the storm, nature was still producing life. As I hear of stories of people across the world, stories of communities helping one another, stories of people finding refuge and safety in the unknown, I am encouraged that in the midst of the storm there is Hope. 

In the midst of the storm

As we contend with the world wide pandemic and dealing with the ramifications of the spread of the virus I am struck by the way in which people are going out of their way to help neighbours, friends and families.  Communities of people are finding one another and there is a Hope in the midst of the storm that even through the darkest of days, we are in this together and together we will come through. Actions of many, accompany prayers of people across the globe; prayers for wisdom, for direction, prayers for health and for hope. 


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Join us for a summer in South Africa

27th July - 9th August 2020

We would like to invite you to join us in Gordons Bay, Cape Town for two in August 2020. Come as a working volunteer, prepared to work, meet new friends, expand your global experience, explore the culture and also have a holiday! Accommodation provided


Volunteering abroad is a great way to expand your horizons, learn about new cultures and make a valuable contribution in a foreign community.


Boasting 11 official languages, 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 70% of the Cape Floral Kingdom’s plant species found nowhere else in the world, volunteering in South Africa offers an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with the “Rainbow Nation” and make a lasting impact.Work at the College Campus during the day, you would be involved with maintenance work on the property, assisting on the grounds, building and developing the site to be a display of life and hope to the surrounding communities. There are allocated rest days where you can go and explore.

Volunteer with the local community

As a volunteer you will also be involved with working alongside the local townships and local schools to help bring hope for a nation.


Alongside your evenings and weekends, there will be allocated rest days where you will have the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas.


Thank you from


Teddy Bears Picnic

On Sunday 24th July many families from across Coventry and Warwickshire enjoyed a day out at the Teddy Bears Picnic. Everyone enjoyed the craft activities and games to play with and of course when Winnie the Pooh went missing the big Teddy Bear Hunt went down a treat!  

During the day the work of Help International was promoted, alongside gathering donations.

Uganda Visit

Help International have recently celebrated the return of a family visiting Uganda working with a school we have helped to support over the years. The family enjoyed their time, being challenged and inspired in so many ways. They left much blessing behind them through donating school & sport equipment. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help make this possible. Your contribution has helped to encourage and develop the school with the equipment provided.

Sri Lanka Flood Appeal

During the months of May / June Sri Lanka had tremendous floods affecting the homes of the local people. 


Thank you to all that gave to help. We were able to send out a small donation to help the local people during this time. 


This donation was used to help fix a local leaders car, this has enabled them to visit and help the local people in the rural areas who have had difficulty since the floods. 

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